Stop, Collaborate

and Listen

Not sure where to start?

Do you have a dozen half set-up systems and don't know which ones you like or need?

You are not alone!

How is the registration process arranged?
You probably heard people talking about their favorite new app or program and thought "this must be the one" so you quickly set up an account only to get to busy to finish or to frustrated trying to get it to fit your needs.
It is totally normal! I have felt the need to try every software I heard about too. Literally, ALL OF THEM, heck I still do, but that's because I love learning them, for myself and my clients.
Let's face it, if you are not a system loving tech nerd like me, you won't find sitting behind the computer for 8 hours fun, and You don't need to!

You started your business based on your passion and that is where your time should be spent.

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when setting up systems and let’s be honest… you don’t have the time for that.
I have created 2 versions of My Simple Systems Audit for busy CEO's

Focused Flow Audit

Do you need a second set of eyes and feedback on a specific system, workflow or program?
How It Works

The Focused Flow Systems Audit will leave you confusion free and with clear defined next steps.

Total investment $75
You will send over a recording of where you feel stuck, what you are trying to accomplish, and what you want the end result to feel like. (This also can be scheduled as a 20 minute live zoom call)
I will review your recording (or our discussion) and begin to dig in to find the best solution.
Within 48 hours I will send a recording of the solution, or a walkthrough (if it is a tech program), and send a link to book our wrap-up call.
We will have a wrap-up call via zoom to go over the information that was sent to you, discuss any issues you are still having, and answers any questions you have.
Completely Optimized Audit
The Complete Optimized Audit is for you if:
You feel overwhelmed with your day-to-day business tasks
You are spending HOURS doing admin tasks, and most of this is manual
You are constantly reaching out to clients for missing information.
You acknowledge that how you run your business affects the quality of service

How it works

I come in with my wand, and Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

Well, close to that.

We comb through your systems, and processes, identify areas that need improvement, gaps in your process, as well as key features needed to streamline your business.
Then I use my wand, and tidy up over here, and over there, take this out, put this in. Voila! You have a freshly renovated area.

The Process
Starting at $447
Initial Call
First step will be to book a discovery call which will be about 20 minutes, and will spend that time getting to know each other, and talking about your business and your frustrations.
Pick Your Date & Questionnaire
If you decide to move forward then you will receive an in depth questionnaire to fill out, and a link to pay the invoice and get your Strategy call booked.
Current State Mapping Call

This is a 60-120 minute call where we dive deep into your systems and processes. This can include your intake process, client onboarding process, client offboarding process, launch process, team member onboarding and offboarding, and up to 2 more processes of your choice. This will include talking about what systems (ex:ClickUp, Dubsado, Honeybook,Course Platforms, Zapier etc.) you currently use and how you use them. We will map out each process, current SOP's, and discuss what your ideal future state would look like, and which tech systems to keep, change, or get new accounts for. 

Process Improvements and Future State Workflow Map
After our Current State call, I will dive deeper into the processes we discussed, along with reviewing your tech system setups, and any documentation you have. You will then receive a report, a strategy plan, and future state map with in 3-5 days. Upon receiving the plan you will review and will have up to 48 hours approve or provide revision request.
After your approval of the recommended plan, I finalize your guide which will include SOP outlines for any of the processes that we chose to improve or add, and detailed plans on what systems to implement and HOW to use them.
You will have access to me via slacker for 7 days after receiving your guide to answer any questions, and up to 3 loom video walkthroughs (5 minutes or less for each). We will have one last call on the 7th day to see how everything is going, and if you need any further assistance. I assure you, I won't let you turn into a pumpkin at midnight. 
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