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I am pretty sure that is what Xena was telling me as we took this picture. She loves to talk about all the tech tools and workflows too.

About Me

I am a process obsessed tech nerd, who watches videos on mute with the closed caption on. You would never guess it but I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in my mid-30's. Being super organized, and obsessive over the who, what, where, and why, is the opposite of what I relate typical ADHD behavior to, So I was SHOCKED.

Evidently I have what they call hyperactive brain, and since I have lived with it for so long I adapted and developed skills that not only allowed me to function better, but allow me to thrive. Now I use those skills to help others, those that are creative but not analytical, or crazy busy CEO's who just don't have the time.

I started my business because in the corporate world I felt stifled, and that my strengths and skills could be used to help others fulfill their business dreams while allowing me to do what I love.

I am obsessed with my 5 dogs (they don’t talk back like my teenagers do). My favorite day of the week is Sunday, you can either find me at home eating Maryland blue crabs or at the racetrack watching my husband on his motorcycle doing what he loves most

I LOVE learning, and I am constantly learning new systems and tools so that I can stay "in the know" and enhance my clients businesses while they utilize their time following their passions.

Fun Facts

  1. Human Design: Projector, Splenic Authority, Split Definition Profile: 5/1 The challenge solver
  2. Enneagram: Type 1 W9
  3. Meyer Briggs: INTJ
  4. Zodiac Sign: Libra

I love taking personality tests, and recently started learning about human design which is totally fascinating.

I am 100% authentic, I strongly believe in being sincere, and "real".

I believe transparency is the key to building trust, there is no room for dishonesty.

I have a very strong sense of intuition, and actually listen to it.

I'd love to get to know more about you too, Click the button below and book a coffee chat, no sales pitch, let's just connect

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